Being a Tomboy and Fashion

Growing up, I always like to play and get dirty. Yes, you would see me play Barbie dolls, stuff animals, dress up princess and of course those tea time stuffs. But most of the time, you would see me playing in our garden, running with my younger brother, pretending we were fire trucks trying to travel fast to kill fires or pretend like cops and try to find criminals. I remembered always getting home dirty, sweaty, tired but very happy. Of course I brought that boyish attitude in school, while most of my girl classmates would put ribbons on their hairs I would rather not, I would instead run in our basketball court or playground, play basketball or volleyball, play hide and seek, all those boys stuffs.

In my teenage years, while most of my girl classmates and friends are beginning to bloom as a lovely lady, I am considered one of the guys! It’s fun! No one can touch me, I never get bullied, boys would never dare pull my hair, get my handkerchief or make me cry, I was tough! ( ha ha ha ha )

My close guy friends would be acting so sweet and would tell me, why not fix yourself and dress up. Do you want to be loveless? Do you want guys to be always scared of you? We think it is time for you to act like a woman especially now that we are heading in our teen years. Getting a makeover, that is what I had in mind, are they serious? They really want me to get a makeover? Are they sick!!!! I was angry and I felt insulted. Their suggestions didn’t suit my style. Beside all the cosmetics are not friendly to the planet.

Anyway, when I got home I thought and reflected on what they are trying to say. Okay so yeah I looked at myself in my reflection well, okay they were right I do need to change myself. But of course I will not drastically change into those girly girls with hot pink nails, glitter make ups, and baby doll dresses. Those are too much! I just have to fix myself a little and be treated like a lady.

Of course to start off, I have to put ponytail or ribbon headband on my hair, I have to comb my hair (yes, I don’t comb my hair, weirdly disgusting huh!) Next is wearing a dress, I swear you would never see a dress in my closet; well of course my uniform is a skirt, aside from that no dress no blouse! Only t-shirts and pants like from Gap!

In my time before, when technology was not at its peak, we had to go to the mall and visit each shop to find a good dress! If only I had Resultly before, I would have chosen from many options of baby doll dresses in a day!

baby doll dress

The one above from NastyGal isn’t even that bad!