Down Home Denim

I’m so over denim pants, you know jeans. Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, boot cut jeans, etc.  You get it right? I hope you do. Stay with me now. How’s about you check out this new trend of denim. Denim Dresses. Yeah! How about them apples. how many apples does a denim dress cost. three! haha I’m just kidding. Seriously though Denim Dresses, you need to check that trend out.

Haters may say that denim isn’t Earth-friendly. Really though the styles below are so much better than normal clothing that uses random dyes. It’s not new technology and a lot has changed since the gold rush. So, it’s time to believe in the jeans, especially denim dresses!

My fave place to shop right now is with the Resultly app. It is super fun and great. Check out my denim dresses search on their site here. So many options! A denim dress is perfect for any occasion and you can totes dress it up or dress it down so thats a pretty cool thing.

Alright now this is the part where I’m going to show you some of my favorite denim dresses from my search on Resultly. First is this one that I like. It is from Forever 21.

denim dresses

Yeah it is really cute and I really like it so I will buy it. This is such a great dress to wear with accessories. Like it is just begging to be paired with a statement necklace. Also go black with your accessories because black always looks really good with light denim. The cut of this dress is also super flattering for most body shapes.

Moving on here is another denim dress style that I really like. It is from Revolve Clothing. Check it here.

Denim dresses

This dress is also super cute. I really like how they accessorized it with neural browns. So perfect and chic. This is what is called a shirt dress. Yes, that’s right a shirt dress. It is like a shirt, but longer and worn as a dress. How cute! Also it looks very put together. How nice and sweet. perfect look for a weekend or a casual office.

Well there you have it. Denim dresses are cool. You should for sure get in on this trend. You can dress them up and dress them down and anywhere in between. Lets get down home denim all over this place. Just kidding, but a cute denim dress is a perfect addition your wardrobe.