Flower crowns are the only thing I remember from Lolla

Who else want to lollapolooza this summer? It’s an amazing 3 day music festival in the heart of Chicago. Let’s get closer to nature! I went with a few of my very best friends and we had the best time ever. We had our map planned out for each stage we would hit up at each hour for who we wanted to be sure to see. We had 3 day bracelets which meant we of course went all three days, however you can buy day tickets and only go for some of it. The thing I love about Lolla is that it’s the perfect blend of all genres. You’ve got your old school rock, your rap, your electronic, your country, your alternative, just about anything you like, they’ve got. Lana del Ray performed one night and it was so magical I thought I was going to fly off into a fairytale land and be happily ever after. Oh and in addition to the tunes, you’ve of course got your high waisted shorts, tanks, and flower crowns.

Whether it’s Electric forest, Coachella, Spring Awakening, or any other festival you can name, I’m willing to bet you’ve seen this look about 20,000 times. Every girl rocks it and every guy hates it. It’s so funny because that literally happens all the time. Girls love big sunglasses, guys hate them. Girls love yoga pants with Ugg boots, guys hate it. I guess they just don’t get it, do they? Well anyways if you’re wondering why flower crowns are the only thing I can remember, aside from the legit jams, it’s because they were everywhere. I even went home and looked for some.  There’s something about this flower crown from http://www.nastygal.com/accessories/alisha-flower-crown that reminds me of the festival:

flower crown

Another great thing about festivals is the guys. Of course! They come by the plenty and you shouldn’t have to worry about too much because everyone is in such a happy go lucky spirit. There isn’t much that can go wrong when you combine good music with good people, just look at Woodstock. I wish I was born in time to attend Woodstock. At today’s concerts you will always experiencing pushing and shoving in the crowd which escalates into bigger issues but aside from that you should be smooth sailing. There’s nothing better than a good day that leads into a great night.

Oh, if you’re reading this because you’re wondering who was the best performers, I guess I better cover that too. So of the peeps that I saw, my top favorite artists have to be Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Lana Del Ray, Atmosphere, Delta Rae (super unique and original) and the Killers. Of course I loved everyone I saw, but these guys really did something for me.

So, if you ever have the chance to hit up some great festies i say take it. Don’t forget your classic festie outfit though!