Invasion of the Pink Coat

I have been seeing a lot of women strutting their pink coats as if there is a breast cancer walkathon happening. Also, it felt like I was walking in cotton candy land – seeing different shades of pink walking around the streets or in restaurants.

Of course when you see it in everybody, you will definitely be seeing it in fashion magazines or should have because they are the ones who usually either alert you for new trends or they tell you the trend that you need to start out.

I saw the pink coat worn by Eva Mendes on Daisy Street along with a few more fashionistas and who else can validate a style trend none other then Cara Delevingne check her out on dailymail.

They all look effortlessly chic as if it was just any other neutral color that you can wear. I decided to see if I know how to pair of this pink coat like how they did but first, we need to get some good coat inspirations. I found this website that has different styles and colors of the pink coat. Check them out here:

If you are the type who wants to blend in with the crowd then maybe the pale pink coat is what you should wear. This Zara pink coat can be a good start for you. The color is light so you can easily pair this off with your dark colored outfits. Similar to how the coat is matched with the photo below.

pink coat

Another crowd favorite is to pair off the pink coat with blue hues.

pink coat

With this, I can say the pink coat can be worn in different attires – casual, formal or semi-formal. I like the pairing made with denim. This is a great combination because the mix and match added a notch of chicness to the style.

Now for the brave ones, how about trying out the hot pink coat worn by Cara? If I were to wear to this coat, I will still pair it with dark colors to kind of bring down the pinkness, one notch down. If this will be a drink, it will be a cosmopolitan, pink but with a punch – oh! I like that.

With all these articles and coat fashion inspirations that I have found online, I am more than convinced that I can pull this off too. How about you? If you are still undecided and needs more convincing, let me leave you with this link that you can check out: