Rockin’ Out in my Leopard Loafers

To this day my favorite pair of flats are my leopard loafers. I can still remember the day I bought my first pair, yes I’ve gone through about three pairs so far. Let’s just say they are my go-to shoes whenever I can’t find any to wear with my outfit. They’re both casual and dressy and basically can be worn with anything and everything!

leopard loafers

I got my first pair from Aldo they were adorable and unbelievably comfy. I remember the first time I wore them was to a Passion Pit concert. It’s certainly safe to say that these particular flats quickly became my concert shoes. I paired them with light wash skinny jeans, a rhinestone light pink blouse and then my shoes to complete the look. I remember the concert was in the winter and it had snowed quite a bit, so my choice of shoes wasn’t very smart but I didn’t even care. Well, as soon as the concert was over it ended up snowing a lot more and in order to get to the ā€œLā€ stop we had to walk in the snow. So that ended up being the first and last time I wore that pair.

I loved them so much I knew I had to go out and get another pair. However the snow kept me indoors so I decided to look for them online. I checked out my favorite online shopping website here: where I was able to find a ton of options! I ended up going with this pair from H&M. They’re this super chic and trendy suede, navy-colored shoes. I knew exactly where I was going to wear them next! I had another concert to go to in about two weeks, perfect! The only problem was I had no idea what I was actually going to wear. Yet, once you have your shoes picked out the rest is pretty easy. Well, hopefully!

leopard loafters

After I bought the navy-colored flats I decided that I wanted to go with more of a traditional look, similar to the ones that got destroyed by the snow. So I bought those as well! I knew it was going to be a tough decision on which ones I would wear to the concert.

Those next two weeks flew by and it was already the day of the Fall Out Boy concert. I ended up finding this great article ( that helped me put together an outfit for the concert. Although it was primarily on outfits for fall it gave me some awesome fashion advice! I decided to wear this black pleather skater skirt with black tights and then a button-up red and black plaid blouse and a cream-colored statement necklace. I did feel a little dressy but at the same time I felt great especially after I put my flats on. I remember getting tons of compliments on my shoes! I looked and felt fabulous! Whether I’m rocking out at a concert or simply going to class, my leopard loafers are my favorite go-to shoe rain, well in my case snow, or shine!