The Sparta of the New Generation: Lace up Sandals

I have been seeing the lace up sandals for the past few years. I am not quite fond of it before… well, because first, I do not have the goddess-type of feet and second, I feel its tedious to keep tying them every 5 minutes or so.

However when these mythological-type movies keep showing up on the movie theaters, I have to say they caught my attention. Movies like Troy and Sparta among others have opened my eyes to this fashion style.

Also, I have seen various designs coming out like the gladiator, wedge-type, flats and goddess-like which gives you a lot of options on how you want to wear your sandals.

I have found a few great lace up sandals on Resultly. I love Victoria’s Secret lace up sandals. This can be worn with your skirts and pants but I prefer it with the skirts so that you can show off the style. These sandals can make you feel sexy because of how it highlights your feet up to your ankles. The heels give your legs a boost up to your bum, which also gives you a nice silhouette something that you will not be able to achieve if you are wearing a pair of pants… or on the other hand, it can work if you are wearing skinny jeans.

lace up sandals

Another pair is the Free People lace up sandals. Perfect for a casual, laidback day. Since this is a flat-type, you can wear your favorite pair of shorts or culottes with these sandals. Since these shoes are already a statement, I would say you could minimize the use of accessories and just stick with the basics for going out – a bag, stud earrings and possibly some rings.

lace up sandals. Just when I was about to end my online window-shopping session, I saw Khloe Kardashian’s look at Celebrity Style and Fashions’ blog site,

I like her look! I have been admiring most of her fashion style ever since she has lost her weight. In the photo, she is wearing a Giuseppe Zanotti lace up sandals in coral. Her shoes and dress complemented one another. The heels of her sandals made her look slimmer than usual. Khloe finished off her look with a French braid twist. Like what I said, since the sandals were already a statement, she opted not to put any jewelry anymore.

Did I mention that I like her look? Oh yes, I did. I am being a fan girl but I don’t care. I really love all of the Kardashian style!