Wrap Yourself Up in Angora

I love Forever 21 but I cannot stand some of the material the clothes is made of. Its a great store to go to for some cheap, trendy clothes that will go out of style soon. As much as I don’t like their material, I ended up buying a cute turtle neck sweater. No, it wasn’t made of the best material but I wasn’t prepared to spend over $100 on another cashmere or wool sweater. Surprisingly, the synthetic material the Forever sweater is made of is rather comfortable. However, I have a feeling that its going to fall apart soon so I try to wash it only when needed. I suppose the same goes for all my nice clothing as well. I have invested in a few good pairs of wool, cashmere, and alpaca sweaters and scarves. One material that is new to me is Angora. It’s so much better than the synthetic materials. I love the eco-friendliness of it.

Angora is a type of wool made from a specific goat. After conducting some research, I discovered that cashmere is also made from a goat, but I suppose this is different than the goat where angora comes from. It made my Xmas wish list, and I have been on the search for a few days now.

When it comes to buying any nice material, such as wool, cashmere and angora, you always overpay. Yes, it is great material, but all these companies overcharge you. Some  more than others, so you have to choose wisely. When I was in Bolivia and Peru, Alpaca wool was in all the stores because of all the alpaca and llamas in the area. It was interesting to see how stores differentiated in price. There were several smaller mom and pop stores that had beautifully hand crafted alpaca wool hats, sweaters, socks, you name it, but it was no more than $50 for something. As for the Hotel stores, many of the Alpaca Products were severely overpriced. But, when I came back to the States I couldn’t believe the prices I saw. Then again, its not like you are going to fly out to Peru or Bolivia and go on an alpaca shopping spree.

So, I found a few adorable angora sweater options. One is from Nasty Gal:

white angora sweater

I love this cropped white angora sweater. This one is about $231. I can tell how soft it is just from looking at it. I love the contrast between the fuzziness on the sleeves and the quilted pattern on the body of the sweater. Here’s another white angora sweater:

white angora sweater

This one Revolve is a little bit more listed at $250. This one looks like its better quality than the Nasty Gal Angora sweater, but the Nasty gal sweater is a bit more fun. On Resultly I was able to find some other really nice choices.

In conclusion, you won’t go wrong with getting an angora sweater. Its much softer than wool, probably similar to cashmere, but even a little softer than that. If I could compare angora material to anything I would say it is most similar to baby alpaca.